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Our quarterly magazine of contemplative walking is called PADometer. Named after the standard walker’s tool that documents our progress, the magazine likewise will document the unfolding of the ideas which frame our exploration of the landscape of contemplative walking.

PADometer is published:

  • Winter (January)
  • Spring  (April)
  • Summer (July)
  • Fall (October)

and will be distributed through our mailing list and accessed on the magazine’s own WordPress site. To receive a copy in your mailbox, contact us today.

Each issue presents:

  • new ideas in the theory of contemplative walking
  • personal experiences of walkers, current and historical
  • examination of contextual dynamics
  • explorations of forms and practices of contemplative walking
  • applications of walking for social action and change

If you would like to contribute to the PADometer or would like to suggest a topic, contact us to find out how.

The PADometer is being re-imagined this year and will reappear over the Summer of 2020

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