The Padakun Survey

The Padakun Centre for Contemplative Walking relies on the shared experience of walkers to uncover the meaning of contemplative walking.We believe it is critical to gain an understanding of people’s lived experience to fully understand the meaning and benefits of contemplative walking.

We want to know about your walks, your walking and what they contribute to your life. To accomplish this we have developed 2 tools:

  1. The Walker’s Survey
    1. This is a 10 minute, online survey where we ask about what kind of walks you have done and are doing these days. We want to know where, when and who with. We want to understand what walking means in your life.
  2. The Walker’s Interview
    1. We will invite walkers to join us for an audio-recorded interview at a time convenient to them. The length will vary according to the circumstances.
    2. The discussion will take off from what you provide in the Survey and go into more depth about your experience.
    3. In general, we will be most interested in asking permission to use these interviews as part of our Padakast audio series, and will ask for your permission as part of the interview.


The Padakun Centre guarantees that all of our interviews and surveys remain private and confidential. We will never share your information and only report your data through anonymous summaries. If we think others could learn from your experience in text, audio or video formats, we will explicitly request your permission to identify you. This identification will usually be general, such as “Ray, 60-year old man from Ontario”

Walking the Inner Path