ThePadakun Centre for Contemplative Walking introduces our x.Pad.itions program as a way for walkers to share a contemplative walking experience. Our x.Pad.itions walks combine moderately challenging walking adventures in a natural environment with periods of private contemplation and shared reflection. They take the familiar walking group experience, such as hiking, “rambling” or “volkswalking”, and deepen that with structured reflective and contemplative elements.

The Padakun program offers an opportunity for extended walking experiences. We aim for a day limit of 10-15  km/day, on a mapped trail of moderate difficulty. Three of the annual x.Pad.itions walks will extend over a weekend, with at least one overnight accommodation, away from our starting point in Eastern Ontario’s Upper Ottawa Valley. These will explore the many trails between Renfrew County and regions like Frontenac County, Algonquin Park and the Gatineau region of Western Quebec. Then, on a yearly basis we invite walkers to join a minimum of a 5 day walk along slightly further trails, such as the Bruce Trail or into the White Mountains of Vermont. We strive to provide economical overnight accommodation (usually a nearby B and B, not camping), shared transportation and local meals.

Each x.Pad.itions walk will include opportunities for walker to experience solitary walking for at least one hour/day, usually with a structured reflective exercise. Whenever possible, the walk will also include a period of shared reflection. Walkers are encouraged to document their experience with personal photography and/or journalling.

All x.Pad.itions are open to adults, over the age of 17.


  • Padakun will ensure a map-supported walking route and contacts with local accommodation;
  • Padakun does not guarantee the presence or availability of qualified first aid or emergency services. Walkers are expected to ensure their own initial health, trip safety and capacity for the demands of the trip. All walkers are encouraged to consult their physician if uncertain of their capacity to function on the walk.
  • Padakun will ensure cell phone presence, although we cannot guarantee service in less accessible areas;
  • Padakun will establish accommodation options with local accommodation providers. Each participant is required to make their own reservations and payment directly with these providers. Changes or cancellations of accommodations are made directly with the provider, and not Padakun;
  • Participants are required to contribute equally to the shared transportation. Fees are based on an equal sharing of transportation costs, including rental and gas. Padakun assumes all arrangements with the rental services;
  • Padakun assumes no responsibility for specialized nutritional requirements. Every participant is expected to be responsible for their own health and nutrition;
  • Participants who choose to leave the walk are expected to notify the trip leader. Once participants leave the trip, Padakun accepts no responsibility for their safety.

Walking the Inner Path