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Its been a very long time since I had to do a class report, but this one is worth the effort. Padakun was invited by Dr. Frances Garrett, Associate Professor of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, and Associate Chair of the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto to present at the September 28 class of her History of Walking Cultures class . I presented a 3 part program which included:

  • elaborate what we mean by “contemplative walking”; where that idea comes from, what it might refer to and some of the many ways it is performed;
  • offer some actual experiences in two very broad forms of “contemplative walking”, namely indoor and outdoor; and
  • describe some of what The Padakun Centre for Contemplative Walking, proposes as our purpose and intention,particularly what we call our 4 Trails of study, namely: walkers’ personal stories, walking forms and training, walking for social action and walking theory.

The class was a group of about 15 first year students.

We had a wonderful shared learning experience and Dr. Garret reports that “ What you shared will give shape to the rest of the semester.”

News from PADAKUN

Here are links to documents shared at our recent INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPLATIVE WALKING LECTURE at the Department of Religion at the University of Toronto. And “shout-out” to the class who may visit here for these docs. You guys were awesome!

Click here for the EASE Handout:!Asp4TsIxOwsci1fWwoVBMTaae8fP

Click here for the Outdoor Walking Exercise Handout!Asp4TsIxOwsci1khL3ZwFbJl98rY


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