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Innep1030066n Ray Parchelo is the coordinator of The Padakun Centre for Contemplative Walking. He has studied, taught and practiced in several Buddhist traditions, for more than 50 years. He is Canada’s first Tendai priest and acts as both the Priest to the Red Maple Tendai Sangha and Director of Tendai Canada.

WLM-coverInnen is a retired clinical social worker and mindfulness trainer. He is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor (U.Toronto). He has degrees in Comparative Religion and Social Work (both from Carleton U.). He is a certified Urban Poling Instructor.

He developed the idea of Contemplative Walking in his book Walk Like A Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practices (2013). He has published general and scholarly articles on dharma, walking and social work topics and is a popular conference speaker.

He has spoken and presented his work at international conferences and is featured in several podcasts, including the Red Maple Tendai Sangha’s Red Maple-casts.

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He and his wife, Judy, live with their three dogs, Joshu, Bella and Annie-B, in Renfrew, Ontario. His walking has taken him to Ontario, Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in Canada; from Maine to Florida along the USA’s Eastern Coast, Vermont and California; the Western coast of England, Portugal, Italy,  and many sacred places in Japan and Sri Lanka. He organizes the x.Pad.itions walking adventures.

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